The Green tree Episode 12

The Green tree Episode 12 – Clara stop that,stop calling her your daughter because she is my daughter” she said”
Brenda , please tell me where is my daughter…I really want to see her…I want my daughter back… please Brenda don’t deprived me of seeing my child… bring back my child Brenda or I’ll take you to court…I already found the other one and I want her back too” I said angrily”
Clara I’m sorry but I can’t give you back your daughter.. it’s years already so please leave us alone… don’t try to come close to me or my daughter…” She said leaving”
After she left I saw Florida and Belinda coming out.

The Green tree Episode 12
The Green tree Episode 12

Hey ma’am…why did my mum leave in a rush ” Belinda asked while I left her and walk closer to Florida”
Florida my child,how are you ” I asked”
I’m ok…do I look like I’m not?” She asked”
Florida…I won’t stop until you accept me back as your mother ..I love you so much my child ” I said with tears rolling down my cheek”
Hey Florida.. what’s she talking about…is she your mother ??” Belinda asked”
Belinda please let’s get back to work ” she said while they both Left”
Daniel POV
I asked all my staffs to gather together,I want to give them a shocking news of their life.
Hey everyone listen..I have an important gist for you all…as you all can see, your boss is finally in love…” I said happily”
Wow…boss…are you for real ,then who is the lucky girl” they asked happily”
For years now all I wanted was never to fall in love again… ever since my ex girlfriend died…I thought they wasn’t any reason to love…but right now.. I’m here to tell you that my heart has found joy…this joy is what has been keeping me going… she’s my life and everything ….her name is Florida ” I said happily while everyone was shocked…I went forward to her and held her …”
Wow..this is great Boss.. Florida you didn’t tell me about this…” Belinda said happily”
So our Boss has long time being in love with Florida… sweet… I’m happy for you Boss” my other staff said”
Thank you everyone…’ I said, immediately we saw bianca coming in clapping”
Wow wow wow… amazing…so finally your cleaner is now your girlfriend…good job Daniel ” she said and left”
Everyone looked at her surprisingly when she was leaving… like is that what she came for.. I just hope she’s not up to something bad.
Hey Daniel.. don’t worry about her ok” Florida said giving me a hug”.
Bianca POV
I hurriedly left home to get my gun…I need to finish this one’s and for all.
It’s either Daniel come with me else I’ll kill Florida.
I got home and saw mum in the sitting room..I didn’t bother to greet because I know she must be busy thinking about Florida…all she does now is to cry .
I got into my room and took my gun ,I put it inside my hand bag and was about leaving when mother stoped me.
Bianca… where are you rushing to ?” She asked”
Mother please…I don’t think I have time to talk ” I said about leaving when she held my hand ”
You can’t walk away from me bianca…tell me what’s making you angry huh? Is it about Florida ? What is wrong with you… bianca Florida is your sister can you stop being selfish…let them be can’t force Daniel to be with you… bianca dear.. please understand… please don’t do anything to hurt your sister ” she said”
Never… don’t call her my sister… she took away everything from me…she took you and Daniel…you don’t even care about me anymore all you do is to cry and think about Florida… everyday is now Florida to you…how about me…how about me that has always been with you huh,what I’m I now to you,you promised you’ll help me get Daniel but what did you do…all in the name of Florida… can’t you see she doesn’t even want to be with you…why are you forcing yourself to her huh?” I said crying seriously”
Will you shut your mouth bianca… you’re just blind with your emotions bianca…I know you love Daniel so much but please move on and let him be because he loves your sister ” she said while I angrily remove the gun from my bag and pointed at her ”
You can say whatever you wish to say but I don’t care,today will be the last day you’ll ever see Florida… because I’ll get rid of her with this ‘” I said pointing my gun at her ”
You Dare not do that to my child bianca because you’re not my real daughter…. bianca you were adopted… you’re not my real daughter bianca.. Florida and her twin are my children…the man I took you to his grave is not your father…I don’t know him bianca…I just adopted you because I fell pity for you when I saw you in the orphanage bianca… I’m sorry I’m telling you all this now but you have to know the Truth…I don’t want you to hurt my daughter ” she said crying”
What did you say ? I’m not your real daughter? I was adopted? What’s all this…are you trying to make me not to push through with my plan ” I asked with tears rolling down my cheek”
My child I’m sorry but that’s the truth… even if Florida accept me as her mother I’ll still love and cherish you like my own daughter.. because I love you so much bianca… please understand me… don’t harm your sister ” she said crying”
I don’t care mother…I don’t need you anymore ” I said and left angrily to Daniel’s company”
Daniel POV
I , chubby and Florida where in my office when Belinda rushed in .
Boss… Boss it’s bianca… bianca is here with a gun ” she said looking scared”
What! Bianca is with a gun in my company? ” I asked angrily”
Yes boss ” she responded”
Florida please stay here don’t come out , Belinda call the cops, chubby let’s go see what’s happening ” I said leaving”
No Daniel I’m coming with you ” she said following”
We got downstairs and saw all the staffs lying on the ground while bianca was pointing a gun at them .
Hey all of you come over here ” she said pointing the gun at us while we move slowly to where she is ”
Knee…put your knee on the ground you fools ” she commanded while we did …I just hope Belinda has already called the cops…I think bianca is going insane”
Bianca what’s the meaning of this ” I asked”
Bianca what has come over you” chubby asked shaking”
Will you all shut up… listen to me everyone..if you know you don’t want to die…tell your boss to come with me to the airport now ” she said pointing the gun at everyone”
What! Are you crazy bianca..” Florida said while she pointed the gun at her”
Bianca please don’t do anything bad please… please I beg you ” I said holding Florida”
Then you’ll have to choose between me and Florida.. Daniel.. it’s either you come with me else I’ll pull the trigger on her ” she said angrily”
Really..go on ,shot me bianca because I won’t let Daniel go with you ” Florida said angrily”
Now Daniel, speak for you want me to shot Florida or you come with me to the airport ” she asked”
Bianca..if that’s what you want…then you’ll have to kill me first” I said standing at the front of Florida”
Wow… really… fine I’ll give it to you Daniel but before I kill you I just want you to know that I love you so much… since I can’t get rid of Florida without getting rid of you then I’ll have to get rid of you both ” she said about pulling the trigger when krisha appeared and vanished with her ”
Krisha noooo…” Florida screamed ”
Omg what was that…thank goodness it came ” the staffs said”
Florida.. krisha took her away ” I said surprisingly”
Daniel please…I don’t want anything to happen to bianca.. please I need to save her from krisha ” she said about crying”
What! Florida…how can you do know it’s not possible to save her from a demon ” I said”
Daniel I’ll do it .. please Daniel take me to the village ,I need to go to the green tree, please Daniel I don’t want krisha to harm my sister ” she said”
So you want us to go to the village because of bianca? She was about killing us Florida… please I don’t want you to risk your life going to the forest again.. please Florida” I said”
What are you trying to say Daniel…you expect me to let my sister die? No I can’t..I know she’s bad but I can’t bare to see my own sister die when I know how to help ” she said angrily”
I’m sorry Florida…I didn’t mean to say that…ok.. let’s go.. I’ll take you there ok.. let’s go ” I said”
Thank you Daniel ” she said”
Let me come with you ” chubby said”
No chubby..we don’t need you this time ” I said and we left ”


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