The Green tree Episode 14

The Green tree Episode 14

Daniel POV
Nooooo… Boss who are these people..” Belinda asked with her eyes closed”
Krisha please do something please… don’t let anyone die ” Florida said holding my hands tight ”
I told you not to make a noise…who are this people” krisha asked angrily ”
Krisha,one of them is my staff at work the woman with them is bianca’s mother while the guy is my best friend chubby… please don’t let them eat us… they are licking our bodies ” I said holding Florida tight ”
Yes.. please somebody should help us… they’s one here licking my body… it’s about biting me ” chubby cried ”
Don’t open your eyes else they’ll eat you up, Florida please no matter what happens don’t open your eyes because you’re their target…I see them smelling everyone just to get you…if they come closer to you make sure you don’t open your eyes… same goes to you Daniel ” krisha said ”
Omg.. krisha I think one is already smelling me.. ahhh please don’t harm me ” Florida cried while I wrapped my hands all over her”
Daniel keep holding her tight.. don’t let them succeed in removing her from your arms because if you do Florida might be tempted to open her eyes ” krisha said while the demons started drawing me away from Florida but I kept holding her…”
Krisha I think all of them are on me …they are trying to drag me away from Florida…” I said”
Noooo… krisha they’re drawing me away ” Florida cried as they succeeded in taking her away from me ….I had no choice than to open my eyes ”
Daniel nooooo…. close your eyes ” krisha said but I didn’t listen to her , seeing Florida been held by them…I saw them throwing her on the ground…I saw one with a big axe….all of them turned to me when they saw my eyes open….they started moving closer and closer to me… Florida was still with her eyes closed so they couldn’t eat her at that time… their focus was turn on me…”
Krisha what should I do now… they’re almost close to me..with the axe ” I said about crying ”
Krisha.. please do something… else I’ll open my eyes…I can’t allow them to kill Daniel ” Florida said crying while I kept dodging the demons ”
Gods of our land….I need your help… please send us a savour…. your children are about to be killed by the demons… please Gods of our land… I’m your faithful savant krisha….do not turn your back on me….I can’t save this souls because if I do I won’t be in existence to save the people of this land… please send us a helperrrrrrr” krisha cried while we started hearing some noises in the forest…wind blowing and trees falling ”
I cost all the demons to stand still…no moves until this humans are out of this forest ” we heard a voice saying and immediately the demons stood still….I looked the direction the voice was coming from…I saw an old woman coming to us ”
You can now open your eyes my children…. Florida mother is here ” the old woman said while everyone open their eyes….I saw the shock on Florida’s face when she saw the old woman ”
Mother… mother… mother it’s you ” she said running to hug her when the old woman stopped her ”
My child… don’t hug me… I’m not human… I’m a ghost….you can’t feel me ” she said while I saw tears rolling down Florida’s eyes ”
Florida,do you know her ?” We asked but Florida kept crying ”
Mother .. mother I miss you… please come back to me mother” she said ”
My child,I can’t… I’m already dead… I’m very happy to see you again” she said while I started seeing blood rushing out from my nose ”
Florida.. krisha… blood is coming out from my nose” I said feeling very weak and fell on the ground ”
Florida POV
Omg… Daniel.. please somebody help… krisha, mother please help I don’t want to lose Daniel” I said carrying him on my labs when everyone came and started calling his name ”
Messenger of the God’s,we need to save him ” krisha said ”
We need the water from the green tree… that’s the only thing that can save him ” mother said ”
Messenger of the God’s…I can’t bring back the water because I have just one life left ” krisha said ”
Please help us…I don’t want Daniel to die” ma’am Clara said ”
Daniel please don’t die… please stay alive…I need to apologize to you for all the things I’ve done” bianca said crying ”
Krisha… please save my friend” chubby said ”
Omg… Daniel is no more breathing… Daniel please don’t do this ” I cried ”
Don’t worry Florida..our Boss will not die,I believe so ” Belinda said ”
The God’s gave me five lifes to give you krisha…. here are the lifes…eat it and let’s rushed to the green tree and get the water for the boy… he’s dieing ” mother said handing over the lifes to her and she ate them immediately”
Let’s goooo” krisha said while we carried Daniel and followed her”


Finally we are under the tree , krisha commanded the water to come out with her powers and it came…. mother asked me to fetch the water with my hands and put into his mouth…I hurriedly went forward and started fetching the water with my hands to his mouth…
Daniel please wake up please wake up…this is the water.. please wake up don’t leave me ” I cried while fetching the water to his mouth”
Why is he not waking up messenger of the God’s ” krisha asked surprisingly”
Keep giving him the water Florida ” mother said while I kept giving him the water and crying… Daniel wasn’t showing any sign of waking up I’m scared I don’t want to lose another person I love ”
What is going on krisha…why is he not waking up ” bianca asked”
You guys should do something before it’s too late ” chubby said”
This is the only thing we can do…if he doesn’t wakes up then he’s gone…” Mother said”
No .. mother please don’t let him die…I beg of you.. he’s the only happiness I have in this world ever since you left… please mother I don’t want to be sad again.. I’ve gone through pains since you left…this is the time I should be happy with the man I love…I don’t want to lose him ” I cried bitterly”
Florida… I’m sorry…I think he’s gone ” krisha said”
No… don’t tell me that ..what do you mean he’s gone…that can never happen… I’ll go with him… I don’t see any reason to live when my love ones are gone ” I cried bitterly”
I thought the water could heal him messenger of the Gods ,why is it not working ” ma’am Clara asked”
It’s because..he had to look at the eyes of many demons and he was infected with a very bad disease but that doesn’t mean the water can’t heal him.. maybe the gods want it this way ” krisha said while others were already crying”
Daniel please don’t leave me… please Daniel…” I said giving him a kiss on his lips when suddenly we saw him blinking his eyes”
Oh my God he’s awake… he’s awake..” Belinda said happily”
Daniel.. you’re awake.. mother, krisha Daniel is awake ” I said happily while he stood up from the ground looking at me ”
Thank you so much messenger of the Gods ” krisha said happily while everyone came and hugged Daniel including ma’am Clara and bianca”
Thank you so much everyone …thank you Florida,I was waiting for you to kiss me…why did it take you so long ” he asked smiling”
What! Are you you mean you were awake all those time?” I asked surprisingly”
Of course I was…just waiting for my babie’s kiss… hahaha..I can’t believe I heard you said I’m the only happiness you have in this world..awww so sweet ” he said Laughing while everyone joined him ” two won’t stop amazing me ” Belinda said laughing”
Daniel you’re unbelievable,you got me scared,I thought I was going to lose you ” I said hugging him”
Daniel was just trying to pull your legs Florida… please let’s go home I’m very hungry ” chubby said”
Oh chubby don’t start.. please someone should keep watch before chubby will go with another demon in the name of food ” Daniel said laughing”
Daniel, Florida, please I’m very sorry for everything I’ve done to you, please forgive me ” bianca said about kneeing down when I held her up immediately”
Don’t do that bianca, I’ve already forgiven you , that’s why I came to the forest to save you ” I said hugging her ”
Yes bianca,me too, I’ve forgiven ok ” Daniel said”
Thank you so much Daniel and Florida…I was just blind by my emotions…but now i know that you two are meant to be…and I promise never to get between you guys…I couldn’t control myself when mother told me I’m her adopted child …” Bianca said in tears”
What! You’re not her daughter ?” Daniel asked surprisingly”
Yes Daniel,she was adopted by me but I love her so much.. she’s still my daughter..I just didn’t want her to harm Florida that’s why I told her the truth…I want our family to be together ” ma’am Clara said”
Florida my child.. I know this woman is your real mother.. please forgive her and take her as your mother,she regrets everything she did to you ” mother said”
Please my daughter forgive me, I’m very sorry ” ma’am Clara begged”
Ok…I forgive you…mum” I said and hugged her”
Wow ” everyone said happily”
Thank you my child…now I have the strength to look for your twin ” she said happily”
Are you for real?I have a twin?” I asked happily”
Yes my child, I’m sorry I’ve been a bad mother to you two…I gave her to a lady when I gave birth to the two of you”she said”
Ohhh too bad ” Daniel said”
Mother, where is the lady .. please I can’t wait to see my twin ” I said happily” Florida is a twin… Daniel do you think her twin will look like her …she better not else my boss will fall for her too ” Belinda said happily”
What! Are you you want Florida to be jealous” he said laughing”
Belinda you’re such a character ” I said laughing”
Ohhh guys please let’s go home I’m hungry…my stomach is empty ” chubby said”
You guys should leave now,I think the Gods want me back…you should leave before I do because if you don’t the demons will come after you when I leave ” mother said”
Ok mother,thank you so much..I feel like going with you because I miss you so much” I said”
Don’t worry my child, I’ll always protect you” she said smiling”
Thank you so much messenger of the Gods,we really appreciate your efforts..thank you krisha you’ll forever remain in our hearts … common everyone let’s leave please… Florida I can’t wait to give grandma this gist ” Daniel said while we started moving”
Me too Daniel..she must be wondering where we went to ” I said”
Please move faster…my stomach bites ” chubby said”

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